Resume – Google Certificated Web Analyst and Practical SEO Specialist


A Google Analytics Certificated for Web Analyst specialist with strong experience and highly skilled for digital marketing.  High technical skill and hands-on experience in Search Engine, preserving a strong command for Three Spheres of Web Strategy and a practical approach to Search Organic method for Online Marketing Success. Currently working on Data analysis for large portal website in Norway, high traffic of users and complexity researches.

Web optimizations is more than the outcome of online marketing strategies. I did an in-depth research on the market demand and behavior of e-customer by search theories and philosophy about psychological web experience, which plays a crucial role in distributing the online channel, supporting marketing team and becoming an influencing channel or distributor.



  • Worked in SEO and internet marketing industries since 2007 with a very strong web analytic skills and project management system, designed for SEO friendly web developing processes
  • Proficient usage of analytic tools and IT software supports to solve business problem and develop suitable business solutions
  • Management Information System is the my main expertise with efficient knowledge in Semantics Web Technology and Search Engine Technology
  • Strong in Analysis skill, designing process, optimizing solution, improving performance and productivity
  • Deep understanding of Statistic usage and forecasting solution to making successful decision in real world business
  • Empirical thinking mind

Additional Information

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Google Analytics Certificated


SEO Skills (Suitable for Large Websites)

Advance Technical SEO implementations
- Indexation control for Large Website (More 100K++ URLs)
- Landing pages by Organic Traffic Optimization
- Massive On-page by Meta Data
- Schema Data Structure managements
- Data Integration for Organic Traffic Between Web Master Tool (Search Console) and Google analytics Custom for Organic Traffic
- Systematic Measuring for SEO productivity
- Capture the Site-Structure and Keyword Pattern
- SEO optimization life Cycle (Iteration for SEO maintaining)

Link building Strategy for Big websites
- Measuring potential of Backlinks
- Providing good backlinks opportunity
- Monitoring for Strong Backlinks

Content Engagement Research
- Research key metrics for motivation on Social Topics with Reach and interactions
- Understanding peak of viral over the high motivation topics
- Behavior pattern on hourly usages on each days and week days.
- Marco-trends for viral signals.
- Increasing viral impacts

DATA Intregations & Management Reporting
- Automation Report
- Ad-Hoc Report
- Ratio of Usages report
- Filtering Significant change signals.
- Long-term trend summary
- Analysis reports with Meaningful and Decesion supports
- Big Data operations


ABC Tech Thailand Co., Ltd.

Position: Web Analyst May2015 – Present (11 months)


Founded in 2010, ABC Tech is a subsidiary of the Norwegian media group Amedia AS and web portal ABC Startsiden AS.
ABC Tech, part of the Telenor Group, is a subsidiary of the Norwegian media group Amedia AS and web portal ABC Startsiden AS, founded in 2010. ABC Tech aims at delivering leading products and services to Amedia, ABC Startsiden and other members of the Telenor family, in tight collaboration with the respective development departments in Norway. 




  • Manage information system for internal use between Bangkok-end and Norway-end
  • Ad-hoc Analysis Tasks, event analysis, device usages, proportion of clicks and value identifications etc.
  • Automation data gathering and visualizing
  • Weekly report for site performances
  • Research pattern of usages
  • Monitoring the significant changes by internal and external factors
  • Investigate the unnatural issues
  • Insight analysis
  • Data integration with many data sources (Excel & Pivot)
  • Prepare DATA sets
  • Setup the requirements and match to the scenario needs
  • Design and manage the tracking system
  • Identify logic for action plans
  • Search engine traffic monitoring
  • Brand & non-brand contribution research
  • Massive filtering and organize with big data
  • linear regression prediction


Large-size E-Commerce - Lazada Co., Ltd. (Thai Venture)

Position: Head of SEO (Local Thai Venture) OCT2014 – APR2015 (7 months)lazada

  • Contribute to increase revenue for company in 4 months and expand the market by using search organic channel
  • Implement massive web development issues
  • URL management and site structural improvement
  • Large Data set analysis – Initiate keyword research for more than 1 million keywords
  • Tracking competitive ranking and research for better search signal for SEO improvement
  • Provide high quality links
  • Coordinate with PR team in order to support massive channel for marketing message coverage
  • Assist to SEO regional team in Singapore to follow-up all technical issue in the work process
  • Supporting and consulting partnership team, campaign team and marketing team to follow the SEO friendly layout guideline
  • Report work productivity and submitting getting thing done report to online marketing manager
  • Lead the SEO team and content writer team to accomplish all SEO tasks


Construction Material Industry - Nakornphun Industry Co., Ltd (Thai)

Position: Online Marketing Consultant SEP2013 – Present (2 Year 6 months)

  • Contribute in increasing revenue for client by 250% in 4 months and expanding market by using search organic channel
  • Assist client to familiarize with web search technology, suggest new approach and help to implement online strategies for real world business
  • Finding solutions that are suitable for client for online marketing campaign
  • Develop a website by using WordPress platform which are high compatible with search organic results
  • Develop content strategy that match for particular business industry
  • Widely expand channel by in-depth understanding of search traffic behavior
  • High quality service in both fundamental concept and best practice operation



Digital Agency - Total Business Development Co., Ltd / iTopplus (Thai)

Position: Senior Digital Marketing Officer APR 2014- JUL 2014 (4 Months)

  • Escalate e-commerce transaction rate by 63.24% within 60 days
  • Increase e-commerce conversion rate by 44.93% (1.46 to 2.11)
  • Improve Content quality of the overall website
  • Revise site utilization by site structure and re-organizing content and layout
  • Improve site speed by coordinating with Web Programmer
  • Leading Web Developing team, including Graphic Designer and Web Developer, to follow SEO guideline
  • Guiding Content writer to practice like a professional SEO journalist and work on track with systematic process
  • Fix all spam index, SERP error coding
  • Contribution to gaining High quality SEO network by using aged domains by Domain Auction
  • Develop PBN for SEO off-page
  • Redirect all Spam URLs


SEO Agency - Smart R.O.I. Co., Ltd (International)

Position: SEO Analyst MAR 2013- AUG 2013 (6 Months)

  • Taking lead role in handling 250+ SEO projects for clients in Australia.
  • Publish daily SEO Validating Reports, any code error and HTML needed for W3C standard
  • Reviewing and implementing SEO strategies
  • Distribute SEO monthly report with analysis support
  • Manage workloads and training for the SEO team
  • Report to the Director of SEO on project progress, new business ideas and team growth
  • Educate both clients and internal teams on SEO
  • Keep up to date with SEO changes within the industry
  • PBN and Aged Domains provide


Real Estate Agency - Holiday Homes (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (International)

Position: SEO Executive SEP 2012 - DEC 2012 (3 Months)

  • Bring Back 60+ most important keywords to top rank in Google Search Engine
  • Web Development & Design - Initialize layout design by SEO consideration with wireframe
  • Web Architecture development, Site Structure and sitemap
  • Manage and organize SEO instruction for team to drive on proper content structure
  • Validating any code error and HTML needed for W3C standard
  • Page load speed development
  • Fast fulfil and prepare for webpage content Header, Title Tag, Meta Description for 10+ pages/daily
  • Distributing SEO monthly report with analysis support
  • Fix all redirect from inappropriate links and broken links

Legal Firm - Asia Universal Group Co., Ltd. (International)

Position: IT Assistant Manager (Internship) MAR 2011- JUN 2011 (4 Months)

  • Redesign Web Structure based on business functions
  • Develop new web template and content management system
  • Provide SEO function in Back-end interface

Travel Agency - Iamvacation Co., Ltd. (Thai)

Position: SEO Officer (Freelance) APR 2010- OCT 2010 (7 Months)

  • Backing Building
  • Content management editing
  • Index checking, robot, search engine crawling
  • Visitor traffic monitoring

Programing Knowledges & Tools

Web Analytics & Online Marketing
Google Analytics / Google Analytics (Premium) / Google Analytics 360 suit
Python / R (for Google Analytics)
Excel / word Office
Google Sheet (for Automation & Data Intregation)
Google Presentation / Power point
HTML / CSS / Java Script (for SEO) and Schema syntax
Tag Manager / Mail Chimp /

SEO Tool
Screaming Frog (Web Crawler)
Link Research Tool
Ahrefs Tool

• MS Excel – Vlookup, CONCATENATE, data filtering.
• MS Word – SEO report
• Gdoc, Google Calendar, task management
• Screaming frog – Semantics tool
• Google Developing Tool – Pageload speed
• Pingdom – site speed
• Adwords Keyword Planners
• Xenu – web crawler
• LinkBird – Link Profile Management
• Brightedge SEO tool
• Ahref Tool – Link Analysis
• Majestic tool
• Firebug
• Lazy Load Image tool – Image Optimization
• WordPress CMS platform
• Web CEO – Rank Tracking
• Raven Tool – SEO auditing tool
• NetPeak Tool – Scrape tool
• Scraper Chrome
• SEO Quake
• Ghostery
• UA Spoofer – User Agent Testing tool
• SnagIT 14.9
• SeeRobot
• Brokenlink Tool


  • Very strong analysis skill in both numeric and qualitative
  • E-commerce tracking, Advance Analytics Tracking, Event tracking and Traffic Optimization
  • Visitor flow, visitor behavior analysis, page quality usability & utilization
  • Strong Technical SEO/SEM & Internet marketing – very suitable for very large website (more 100k indexes)
  • Semantic Web Development Process / W3C Standard validation, HTML/XHTML for SEO Friendly
  • Wireframe / Layout for SEO, Site Architecture / Internal linking / Site Structure for Search Engine friendly
  • Technical testing for SEO
  • XML and Sitemap design for better search
  • Backlink research and monitoring
  • Keyword Research / Keyword Mapping / Keyword Mining
  • Web Analysis and Strategic Planning
  • On-page / Off-Page Optimization
  • Internet Marketing Strategy for digital marketing
  • Internet Marketing Process Design for operations
  • Professional SEO report/dashboard and Google Webmaster Tool Maintenance
  • Rich snip RDF & RDFa development
  • Basic PPC, AdWords
  • A/B testing analysis
  • Basic MySQL & Database / FTP
  • System Management & Design
  • System Requirements & Validating

+ Some Others Online tool for SEO